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In case of emergency, call 15.


Dr. Jeanvoine
Immeuble "Le Savoie"
74360 Abondance

Open hours

Monday09:00 — 12:00
13:00 — 19:00
Tuesday09:00 — 16:00
Thursday09:00 — 12:00
13:00 — 19:00
Friday09:00 — 16:00

I see everyone: adults, seniors, newborns and children.
I monitor and assist patients suffering from chronic diseases.
I am commited to follow my patients over time, and I refer you to specialists when required.

I take care of women's gynecological monitoring. I also care for their prevention (smear) and help them choosing the right contraceptive.

Pregnant woman

I take care of pregnant women up to their sixth month of pregnancy.

I see newborns and children. I monitor them and help with prevention (vaccination).

People with reduced mobility and nursing home

I visit people with reduced mobility at home and at the nursing home in Vacheresse.

UK flag

My english is far from perfect, but I would be pleased to welcome english-speaking patients anyway.